wedding anniversary

Celebrating Anniversaries

When H and I were dating, we celebrated anniversaries of everything – one month from our first date was our first “lunaversary” and we sent each other flowers at work. We wrote each other love notes on the six-month anniversary of our engagement. We went out to dinner to celebrate 100 days since we met, or one month since we first said “I love you”, or our quarter-year wedding anniversary (H snuck in a floral centerpiece replicating my wedding bouqet for that one), or the first anniversary of our first e-mail correspondence. We take any excuse to remember and celebrate major and minor milestones in our relationship.

Two years ago tonight, in the middle of a blizzard, H took me out for dinner, and just before we ordered dessert, pulled out a pitch pipe and blew a note. Immediately, three men got up from the table behind us, stood with H next to our table, and proceeded to serenade me with a beautiful barbershop rendition of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart“.

And then H got down on one knee, presented me with a breathtakingly gorgeous diamond ring, and asked me to marry him. Unable to speak for a moment, and with my hand clapped over my mouth, I frantically nodded my head until I was finally able to squeak out the word “Yes!” (H had made me promise him, weeks earlier, that when he asked me to marry him, he would hear the word “yes” right away.)

He slipped the ring on my finger, and with tears of happiness running down my face and a huge grin on his, they serenaded me again with the song “Sweet and Lovely” (which contains the appropriate lyrics, “Soon we’ll marry, you’ll be my blushing bride”). It was an absolutely magical moment.

I’m not generally a date-oriented person; I would never remember my friends’ birthdays without assistance from a carefully notated calendar (and Facebook), I forget when I started my last job and what year I bought my car and what month Flag Day is.

But I know that I wrote to H for the first time on August 27, I met him on September 15, we said “I love you” on October 11, he asked me to marry him on January 1, we got married on April 12, and our son was born on November 2. Those are dates that I will always celebrate, every single year, for the rest of my life.

And every time one of those dates rolls around again, I will remember how our love has grown over the years, and be thankful once again for this amazing man who loves me, and whom I love.