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Choosing an Engagement Ring Bearer

Among many highlights of a wedding are the adorable children that walk down the isle. The ring bearer and flower girl add a special touch to the wedding party because they are so precious. You are sure to hear guests vocalize this as they see the children dressed up for the occasion. The ring bearer in his tuxedo looks like a mini groomsman. A ring bearer is traditionally no older then eight or nine years old. Having a diamond ring bearer in the wedding is a nice way to incorporate a special child or children into the wedding day.

Although a small child, the ring bearer has some responsibilities. Make sure you decide upon a precious little boy that you trust to do all that is asked. He usually is dressed in wedding gear such as a tuxedo just his size or a suit. A suit is a great choice because then it can be worn again at another time. Parents won’t feel like they are wasting money on a one time event.

How adorable little boys look dressed in a formal manner. He should carry a pillow with some fake wedding rings attached which have a symbolic meaning. Of course, if you really are confident that the ring bearer can handle the task, he can carry the real rings. But most of the time the rings attached to the satin pillow are replicas because that’s a lot to ask of a little boy.


The ring bearer should proceed down the isle after the flower girl or with the flower girl. Perhaps they will both feel comfortable with the buddy system of walking down the isle hand in hand.

Who should you have as the ring bearer? A bride and groom usually choose someone in their family such as a nephew, son, godchild or one of your cousin’s children. Of course, you may not have a young boy within the family that you can have to carry the pillow with the wedding rings.

Then choose an alternate ring bearer such as a girl ring bearer. This isn’t traditional but she can also be just as cute. Remember it’s your wedding and tradition and etiquette don’t always have to be followed.

Whoever you decide to fill these shoes, make sure the parents know all the responsibilities as well. The parents will be proud that you asked their child to have a special role in the wedding day. Once they understand the tasks at hand, they can make sure the ring bearer carries them out. Regardless of who you choose to be the mini groom, he’s sure to add a special touch with his charm.